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Buying a Home Warranty

By Team Thomas

I was on the way home from a conference in St. Louis when I received a text message from family that there was no hot water working in our house. I was still three hours away from home. My first thought was, how much this little disaster is going to cost me.

We’ve been in the home for three months. The home is only seven years old. How a hot water heater could go out when it’s only seven years old, I thought. My husband and I try to make good financial decisions, even though we are certainly not perfect. We have an emergency savings account. The savings amount has been precisely calculated so in the event of a disaster we would have what we needed. We’re prepared for little events such as this, but it’s still hard to part with hard earned money for a lousy hot water heater! Thinking through our finances I suddenly recalled the day of closing for our new house. In a last minute decision I decided to purchase the HSA Home Warranty package.

I immediately reached for my cell phone to call HSA Home Warranty Services. I spoke with a live representative (I purposely wrote live because talking to a machine is really annoying in times like this) who immediately dispatched a plumber. The plumber called me promptly to let me know when he would be at my house later that day to repair the water heater.

The plumber was prompt and attentive. He spent time cleaning the system and running several trial and error tests to determine the problem. Unfortunately in our case, we needed a new hot water heater. The plumber called HSA Home Warranty while he was in our home to report the problem. I was so relieved to hear that HSA would pay for the new hot water heater! All I had to do was pay my $75.00 deductible.

The best part of the story, my husband has referred to me as the Queen all day. He is so thankful that I made the decision to purchase the HSA Home Warranty. If you’re looking to be the King or Queen of the house, I suggest purchasing the home warranty!

If you have questions about a Home Warranty call your Realtor. If you don’t have a Realtor call, Team-Thomas at 417-575-1291! A Realtor is very helpful to you in making all the decisions through the home buying and selling process.


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